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Ambreen Khan


Ambreen Khan is a fashion designer, educator, and a TV personality, who has been working in the South Asian corridor on programs focusing on women for more than a decade. She is the first ever fashion designer from beautiful valley of Hunza, at the heart of Karakoram & Himalayas and situated in the northern part of Pakistan.  For more than a decade, she has been an ardent supporter of women empowerment in the south and central Asia and has brought her expertise in fashion and apparel design to programs supporting young girls and adult females in different wakes of life.  Her design work has featured at international fashion shows in the UK, China, and Norway.  As a founder of Empyrean Foundation, she provides advisory and implementation consulting for the organizations such as The World Bank, BRAC, and AKRSP. 

Nadia Khan

FOUNDER & Director

Nadia Khan is one of the co-founders of Empyrean Fashion who bring a breadth of experience in social enterprise development. Nadia, by trade, is an animation concept designer and brains behind some of the design work done by Empyrean Fashion.  She has a graduate degree in Advanced Multimedia Design and 3D Animation Sciences from London and Masters in Nonprofit Leadership from Murray, KY.  Nadia plays a role in bringing industry standards in design to the artisan programs developed by Empyrean Fashion.  She is also leading the effort behind upcoming Empyrean retail fundraising platform showcasing message based creative designs and artisan products.  

Johnny Khan

FOUNDER & Managing Director

Johnny Khan is one of the founders and managing directors of Empyrean Foundation, based out of Washington DC and Northern Virginia.  He owns and operates a boutique Information Technology Advisory and Consulting company focused on Customer Experience and Relationship (CRM).  Johnny's role in Empyrean Foundation to manage operational support,  fundraising efforts, outreach and EF partnership development.  

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