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Traditional hand made and embroidered door bell created by the artisans from the valley of Hunza located in the shadows of the Karakoram mountains in northern Pakistan. These door bells are made by hand with delicate precision, and are a part of a century of crafts tradition passed on from generation to generation.  Empyrean Foundation provides artisan-support-funding to mutiple locally owned small businesses through out the year as part of our effort to foster small women-owned enterprises in the region.  100% of your purchase is tax dedcutable. 

Hand Made Doorbell

SKU: 364215376135191
  • 100% percent of the proceeds are invested back into the programs and provided to the artisans. The hand made embroidered door bells are about a inch and half in width and seven inches in length with a bell on side and a metal hanger sewn in on their other.  Great as a wall ornament (usually in pairs) and a door bell as the name suggests. 

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